Exposed! Aaron Wall’s website failures


Editor’s Note:

These discoveries are accidental. The information is all in the public domain and is not meant to expose or humiliate Aaron Wall. It is meant to empower frustrated or failing net marketers.

His success seemed unreachable to must of us. Yet, very little is known about his other side of life – or his other sites apart from the famous or

If you do not know Aaron Wall, here is a quick summary. He owns , considered the best search engine optimization blog and book in the internet (and is #1 at all major engines for the term search seo book). A search engine guru, you have to pay him $500 per hour for his consultation service.

While researching about what the experts do with their sites, how they make it powerful and successful, I stumbled upon Aaron Wall’s other sites. And it shocked me I couldn’t really believe that they belong to Aaron Wall.

Here are his sites with it’s shocking stats:-

1. FattyWeightLoss
Total backlinks: 1,745 | PR: 4 and Alexa: 829, 735
Created on: 15-May-2004
Expires on: 03-Jul-2014

Total backlinks: 495 | PR: 6 and Alexa: 7,719,553
Created on: 21-Oct-2002
Expires on: 20-Oct-2010

3. 5-HTP
Total backlinks: 48 | PR: 4 and Alexa: NA
Created on:12-Aug-2003
Expires on: 12-Aug-2014

Most net marketers know that a successful site need as many backlinks as possible. On the other hand you want your Alexa stat to be as small as possible.

These three sites hardly have any visitors, and like a few of my sites, they have very little backlinks and are not heavily promoted. Apart from that, you would agree with me that the sites are as ugly as mine.

Why is this revelation an eye opener?
We always thought of these gurus as having some sort of midas touch. We thought they’ll be successful at everything they do, as long as it’s their expertise.

Well, we are wrong.

My Observation from these sites
1. An internet guru has ugly looking sites too – with low profits, visitors and PR.
2. He have used .info, .us and .cc – which most SEO experts said are worthless domain extensions.
3. No matter what, he believed in these sites ( look at the length of domain registration)
4. Focussing on building 1 great site (like seobook) is more important than promoting 10 average sites.

My opinion of Aaron Wall
Aaron is an exceptional guy with an exceptional book. As a person, I have a full respect for him. He struggled with depression, created sites that didn’t worked, studies net marketing and eventually found success there.

And he used his money to fund open source softwares, help other fight legal battles and offers great seo tools for free (check the very useful firefox plugin).

This shows how much similar he is compared to other struggling webmasters. however, he stick to his business, ignore his failed sites, moved on and created one of the biggest and most profitable site in the net marketing business.

p/s I claimed that these are his sites based on the whois information at the time this article is written.

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  1. aaron wall

    Thanks for the kind post :)

    My navy rant site was terrible…but it is how I got on the web. If anything that should show just how screwed up I was when I started. I am uncertain why that site would show a PR6 though…it doesn’t have many quality inbound links because it is not a good site.

    My weight loss site didn’t work for me because as I tracked what I was doing I felt too fake and too much like a spectacle. I gave that site to my mom. If I were still running it I would give that site a strong strong marketing push because it ranges in the top 30 to 100 results in Google for “weight loss”. She is also #1 for “weight loss blog.”

    The 5HTP site has been squandered too because as I collected feedback on antidepressant drugs I realized that many of the things that were bad about the prescription drugs might also hurt people who took 5htp if they did not need it (though it is probably far easier for most to stop using 5htp than the addictive prescription drugs sold as though they are non-addictive).

  2. Iskandar

    Hi Aaron,

    Those 3 sites of yours taught me about not giving up.
    It was a shocking discovery for me, but it was and still is a real eye opener.

    You inspire me to discover better niche and be more of myself.

    I am the one who should thank you Aaron

    -iskandar, website owner

  3. Bong

    Hello iskandar…

    Thanks for a very inspiring post. Valuable lessons there about commitment. Although, in my humble opinion, PRs of 4-6 ain’t failures. I’d be happy with a 3. :D

    And considering that 5-htp is a single static, isn’t it? A PR 5 for a very plain single static is most impressive. SEObook itself is only a step up.

    Hello there Aaron…

    So you’re a real guy. I always thought of you as an SEO guru, like a concept, not flesh and blood. :D

  4. Iskandar

    Hi Bong,
    Thanks for the encouraging words.
    I agree with you that PR 4/6 should not be considered a failure.

    However I believe you would agree that as an (arguable) indicator, the alexa stats show that those sites hardly have any substantial traffic.

  5. Bong

    Hello Lela…

    Alexa is supposedly skewed towards the web savvy (installed Yahoo or alexa toolbar or something). A low Alexa rank doesn’t necessarily indicate less traffic in general but just low traffic from webmasters or web developers.

    As we can see, the 3 sites aren’t targeted for the web savvy audience (uhmmnn, maybe overweight bloggers :D). We’d be interested to know though how they are faring in PPC income.

    BTW, we don’t agree that your site looks ugly. We like stuff to be neat and simple. It’s perfect.

    We also love stories like this, showing that it ain’t a breeze to make a mark in the web. Your post inspired one of ours. :)


  6. Henry Gilbert

    I am trying to find the very best SEO freelancer in the world. But am finding the task incredibly hard.

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